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  • Dr. Cortney L. Short, DC

How to prepare for your first visit

If you've never been to our office before, a few simple suggestions will help you feel comfortable and relaxed on your first day with us. Chiropractic care is gentle, safe, and effective. You can put your mind at ease knowing that we will spend all the time we need to answer your questions or concerns.

Tip #1: Come a little early!

The goal of your visit is to help you feel better and heal better. Our first visit will go best if you have a moment to rest and relax. Our comfy armchairs and calm atmosphere make it easy to take a deep breath (something we all should do more often) before we get started. Our chiropractic assistant, Stephanie, will be happy to help you with a couple short forms and make sure you're all set!

Tip #2 Bring your questions!

We love when our patients ask anything and everything. Wondering how long your appointment might take? Have questions about how chiropractic adjustments work? Want to know if chiropractic might be able to help your family members or friends with certain conditions? Ask away. We invite you to make a list and bring it in!

Tip #3 Wear something comfortable!

Most of our patients feel at ease coming straight to the office from work, from home, or even from the gym. We can adjust you whether you're in jeans, a dress, or work attire. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. However, we will be moving and stretching frequently on your first visit so many of our patients choose to wear loose-fitting or stretchy clothing for that first day.

Tip #4 Plan on 1 hour!

Your first visit is crucial, and we never rush when it comes to understanding your needs. We will spend time on a consultation, detailed exam, any necessary x-rays, and the adjustment. Typical follow up visits are quite a bit shorter, but we appreciate you allowing us the time we need to serve you best, especially on our first visit together.

Tip #5 Check us out online!

We're currently working on getting our website updated in order to give you the most up to date information. You can see the myriad of techniques we have available to use, what types of conditions we see, and even check out our patient testimonials (coming soon!) Pro tip: All of the new patient forms are available online and you can download and print them to save time in the office.

Your health is priceless. Let's find out how chiropractic can help you feel better, heal better, and live better at the peak of your health! See you in the office!

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